Where we started

In 2001, our journey began with our father, a Cambodian-born Chinese immigrant who ventured from Thailand to Canada in pursuit of a better life for his family. Through sheer determination, he established a business that introduced authentic asian meat products to both grocery stores and restaurants.

Two decades later

After supplying to over 150+ stores and restaurants in the Greater Montreal Area, Peter, founder and son, is carrying forward this entrepreneurial legacy by launching Ouh-Mami foods. With years of industry expertise, his family remains committed to delivering premium meats to the world, upholding the tradition of excellence.

  • Locally made

    We're thrilled to share that each and every product is made in Montreal, Canada. This city is renowned for our rich cultural diversity, culinary innovation, and a community that values authenticity. 

  • Always fresh

    We use only the freshest, highest-quality protein and vegetables available. Our dedication to freshness ensures that you experience the full, vibrant flavors and nutritional goodness in every bite. 

  • Umami

    The umami taste, is a harmonious blend of savory, rich, and deeply satisfying flavors. Designed to capture this elusive and delectable sensation, each meal is an adventure. We aim to bring you the vibrant cuisine of Asia.