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Discover a world of delicious, preservative-free options that fuse fresh meat and fresh vegetables ingredients - with captivating Asian-inspired flair. Enjoy a healthier choice without compromising on taste.

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Local creation
Global inspiration

Ouh-Mami is authentic Asian foods created for you. We stand out from the rest with high protein, vegetable packed, and umami rich meats. 

  • "This completely transformed my mealtime. Not only are they packed with flavors, but they're easy to cook. From stirfries to breakfast scrambles - versatile & delicious!"

    Kate W., Halifax
  • "I can't get enough of Ouh-Mami sausages! The high protein and umami taste make them a guilt-free indulgence. They've become a staple in my kitchen."

    Ivan T., Toronto
  • "I'm a busy mom, and Ouh-Mami have made meal prep a breeze. Their unique blend of flavors pairs perfectly with various dishes. It's packed with vegetables — a big win for my family!

    Michelle H., Montreal
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A new take on classics

Ouh-Mami reinvents the delicious Asian foods we love with added nutrition. We've started by using only the highest protein, vegetable packed and umami rich to create our tasty products. Our single goal: capture that same oh so satisfying taste with a makeover of better ingredients and crafted flavors for a more nutritious, and equally delicious meats.

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IGA Extra, Ville Saint-Laurent

IGA Extra Duchemin

5600 Henri Bourassa Ouest
Ville Saint-Laurent
Quebec, H4R 0M6, Canada

IGA Extra, Dollard-des-Ormaux

IGA Extra Supermarché D.D.O
11800 Salaberry Blvd

Dollard-Des Ormeaux
Quebec, H9B 2R8, Canada

IGA Extra Duchemin, Laval

IGA Extra Duchemin
1535 Boul. Le Corbusier

Quebec, H7S 1Z3, Canada

IGA Extra Alimentation Sévigny, Laval

IGA Extra Alimentation Sévigny
5805 Blvd. Robert-Bourassa

Quebec, H7E 0A4, Canada

Charcuterie de Tours, Atwater

Charcuterie de Tours
138 Atwater Ave

Quebec, H4C 2H6, Canada

Supermarché Kim Phat, Brossard

Supermarché Kim Phat
7209 Boul. Taschereau

Quebec, J4Y 1A1, Canada

Supermarché Kim Phat, Montreal

Supermarché Kim Phat
3733 Rue Jarry E

Quebec, H1Z 2G1, Canada

Supermarché Kim Phat, Ville Saint-Laurent

Supermarché Kim Phat
7209 Boul. Taschereau

Ville Saint-Laurent
Quebec, H4K 2V6, Canada

Marché Newon, Centre-Ville

Marché Newon
1616 Sainte-Catherine O

Quebec, H3H 1L7, Canada

Marché Newon, Jean-Talon

Marché Newon
4906 Rue Jean-Talon O

Quebec, H4P 1W9, Canada

Marché Kei Phat, Saint-Leonard

Marché Kei Phat
4215 Rue Jarry E

Quebec, H1R 1W9, Canada

Marché Lian Tai, Saint-Laurent

Marché Lian Tai
1993 Blvd. Marcel-Laurin
Quebec, H4R 1K4, Canada

Marché Oriental Jang Teu, Ville de Québec

Marché Oriental Jang Teu
950 Av. de Bourgogne #100

Quebec, G1X 1Y9, Canada