Where we started

In 2001, our adventure began with our dad, a Cambodian-born Chinese immigrant who moved from Thailand to Canada for a better life. With sheer grit, he launched a business that brought authentic Asian products to grocery stores and restaurants.

Two decades later

After supplying 150+ stores and restaurants across Greater Montreal, Peter, founder and son, is taking the entrepreneurial legacy forward with Ouh-Mami foods. With years of industry expertise, his family is dedicated to delivering premium meats globally, continuing their tradition of excellence.

  • Locally Made

    Proudly crafted in Montreal, where cultural diversity and culinary creativity thrive. Our community values authenticity, making it the perfect place for us to create.

  • Always Fresh

    Only the freshest, highest-quality proteins and vegetables make the cut. Our commitment to freshness ensures each bite bursts with vibrant flavors and nutritional goodness.

  • Umami

    Discover the harmonious blend of savory, rich, and deeply satisfying umami. Each meal is an adventure crafted to capture this delightful sensation, bringing you vibrant Asian cuisine.